Aquatic Veterinary Services 2022 Pond Package Subscription

Designed to make taking care of your fish as easy as possible! Available to all current ponds in California and Nevada for 2022. All packages include two or four yearly appointments by one of our expert aquatic veterinarians. Regular packages include one spring and one fall appointment - the two most common times your fish will require our services. Quarterly packages include one appointment per standard quarter (four per year).

All packages include complete water quality testing and interpretation. Our standard pond packages include up to three fish physical exams under sedation. The platinum pond packages will assess up to ten fish under sedation. You can select the fish you want seen or leave that up to our staff.

Our platinum packages also include a new API Freshwater Master Test kit once a year and fish log book.

If you are unsure the exact area of your pond, check out this pond volume calculator.

For scheduling: Our office will keep a close eye on local temperatures to determine the optimal time of year for your appointment to occur. We cannot guarantee any specific appointment time/day requests, but will do our best. We will call you the week prior to your appointment to let you know the window of time we will be arriving at your home. Please give us specific instructions as to how best access your pond if you will not be home. If you will not be home during the time of your first appointment, a Treatment Consent form will be emailed to you at least one week prior to your appointment. We must receive the completed form for your appointment to occur. If you will be home during your first appointment, we will have consent forms ready for you to sign at this time.

For Spring Appointments, you must be signed up and all payments received by March 15, 2022. For Fall Appointments, you must be signed up and all payments received by August 1, 2022.

If you are NOT located in California or Nevada and are interested in our services, please email If we collect enough ponds in one area, we will work to make our services available.

If you have a TANK and our outside of the California Bay Area, we may be able to help. Please email with your request.

Packages do NOT include any medications or treatment. Estimates of these services are available. Please discuss treatment options with veterinarian during appointment.
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